The At Home Edit With Brendan Fallis

Photo courtesy of Brendan Fallis

As a renowned DJ, content creator and founder of Fallis Studios, Brendan Fallis is known for his incredible taste across music, design and fashion. We sat down with Brendan ahead of Father’s Day to discuss fatherhood, home design, music and more.

Kassatex: Three bedside essentials?
BF: Sleep eye mask, water cup and my favorite book right now: Rules of a Knight.

Kassatex: First thing you do in the morning?
BF: Go get my son and bring him to our room to kiss his mom.

Photos courtesy of Brendan Fallis

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Kassatex: Last thing you do at night?
BF: Set my intentions for the next day.

Kassatex: Prints or Pattern?
BF: Ooof, neither…?!

Kassatex: Favorite colors to paint your home?
BF: White, grey, and textured white and grey.

Kassatex: Three essentials in your bath?
BF: Towels that feel luxurious, a bath mat that feels substantial in the sense that it doesn’t slide and is thick enough but not because it’s soft, and good lighting.

Photos courtesy of Brendan Fallis

Kassatex: Describe your home aesthetic in three words:
BF: Minimal, clean, functional.

Kassatex: Three favorite websites for home decor?
BF: Pinterest, Pinterest and Pinterest.

Kassatex: For the bed, maximal in layers or minimal?
BF: Minimal always.

Kassatex: Three Interior Designers you are inspired by?
BF: Donald Judd, Luis Laplace, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photo courtesy of Brendan Fallis

Kassatex: Dinner at home or out with the family?
BF: Out and early.

Kassatex: Local Restaurant you frequent?
BF: Balthazar.

Kassatex: Summer cocktail of choice?
BF: Martini with a twist.

Kassatex: Favorite meal to cook?
BF: Cast iron seared Filet Mignon.

Photos courtesy of Brendan Fallis

Kassatex: Current favorite podcast?
BF: How I Built This.

Kassatex: Most memorable hotel stay?
BF: The Ritz Paris.

Kassatex: Best advice you were given when you became a new dad?
BF: It’s the first truly selfish act you’ll ever perform.

Kassatex: Current favorite artist?
BF: Lucien Smith.

Photo courtesy of Brendan Fallis

With his expertise as a DJ, we naturally asked Brendan to put together a playlist to listen to while celebrating with family this Father’s Day. Listen here.