Testing the Viral Scandinavian Sleep Method

Photo via Liza Voloshin.

Scandinavian trends are no stranger to TikTok, especially when it comes to interior design. The latest viral life hack to come from our friends in the North is the Scandinavian Sleep Method: an untraditional yet practical approach to sharing a bed with a partner. This practice suggests using two individual twin comforters instead of one shared comforter. This method allows couples to customize their sleeping experience, particularly when it comes to temperature control and personal comfort. Read on to see the potential benefits of the sleep method.

Photo via Kirsten Francis.

Benefits of the Scandinavian Sleep Method:

Temperature Control: Each person can choose the thickness and warmth of their individual comforter to match their preferred sleep temperature. If you sleep hot, say goodbye to sleeping with one leg out of the blanket to appease your partner. You and your partner can each select from our Light Comforter or All Season Comforter options based on warmth.

Photo via Roberto Fauceglia.

Reduced Sleep Disturbances: Tugging or pulling on a shared comforter can lead to sleep disruptions. Separate comforters can reduce this issue.

Personal Space: This method can help create a psychological and physical boundary on the bed, providing a sense of personal space and comfort. Just like you each have your own bedside table, this creates a space for yourself.

Photo via Kirsten Francis.

Customization: Couples can choose comforters with different materials and weights that suit their individual sleep preferences, selecting from our European White Goose Down Comforter or our Down Alternative Comforter. They can also choose to add a quilt or throw blanket to their side. Couples can even mix and match colors for a fun color block bed– try mixing colors within our Linen Bamboo Bedding Collection.

Photo via Kirsten Francis.

Sleep preferences vary from person to person, and what works well for one couple may not work for another. The Scandinavian sleep method is simply one practical solution for couples to address differing preferences when sharing a bed. Let us know if you try out this method at home!