Tips to Keep Towels in Top Shape

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Wrapping up in the softest towels is pure bliss. You savor those moments when the soft pile gently pats the moisture off your skin. However, your towels need some reciprocating love to stay in top shape. We only trust the cleaning whisperer and eco-conscious soap maven, Gwen Whiting, co-founder of The Laundress, with our products. Gwen gave us the low-down on how to keep your towels in optimal form.

Photos courtesy of The Laundress

Avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets

Fabric softener and dryer sheets add a conditioning coating to your fabrics to make your laundry feel soft and smooth. However, the coating will gradually decrease your towel’s absorbency. As an alternative, Gwen suggests to “add a capful of The Laundress All Purpose Bleach Alternative directly to the drum and use hot water to whiten, brighten, or give the wash cycle a boost! The best part… it’s color safe!”

Photo courtesy of The Laundress

Keep it calculated

The water temperature and detergent measurement play a key role in maintaining the towel fiber’s absorbency and softness, as well as keep colors vibrant and bright. When cleaning towels, Gwen says to use the normal cycle and to have a calculated pour based on the load size and soil level. Warm to hot water is more effective when removing tougher set-in stains. Too much detergent can leave a residue of soap on your towel and make them stiff, so when in doubt, less is more. The Laundress products are highly concentrated and include plant-derived ingredients for natural softening. Gwen relies on the Signature Detergent for her towels, “It’s a perfect detergent for everyday laundering, including towels, and its stain-fighting enzymes and mineral-derived enhancers provide the most thorough clean while adding the ultimate clean laundry smell.”

Photos courtesy of The Laundress

Don’t overdry

The shortest cycle on your dryer is the best drying option, especially for highly absorbent towels. Dealing with stains, odor or mildew? Gwen recommends to check and “be sure all traces are gone before using the dryer as high heat can set in these laundry issues further.”
If you have a mix of towel absorbency in your laundry, it is ok to take everything out prior to your timed dry, and naturally air dry. This prevents any damage the heat can possibly do to your towels.

Written and Produced by: Kelly Florio Kasouf