Home Office Ambush

Photo by: Kirsten Francis

Now that school is back in session, and the kids are out of the house, it’s time to really transform your home office. Toss out your generic office supplies and replace them with chic, fashion forward accessories that will make your setup the envy of any Zoom call.

1. Clear your space

The first step in creating the perfect work from home space is to remove all unnecessary clutter and distractions. Make enough space to comfortably fit all your monitors, notes, and other materials.

2. Keep pens and pencils together

Use one of our tumblers to keep all your pens and pencils together so you always have something to write with on hand.

Photo by: Kirsten Francis

3. Add flowers for a hint of freshness

Constantly being indoors is tough. Brighten up your work space with some flowers. Think outside the box and use our tumblers and cotton jars for vases. Not only are they chic, but they are small enough to fit on a desk without taking up too much valuable space.

Photos by: Kirsten Francis

4. Hide candy for a mid-afternoon treat

Cotton jars are perfect for hiding candy at your desk. Sneak a piece or (or two) when you need a pick me up and make sure your kids don’t know about your secret stash.

Photos by: Kirsten Francis

5. Use trays to keep loose items together

Finally, use a tray to keep all loose items together. Cosmetics, keys, or even paper clips and post-it notes!

Photo by: Kirsten Francis
Written by: Esther Khoudari