Introducing: Dormify X Kassatex

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration that will transform your dorm bathroom just in time for college move in day. We teamed up with Dormify, your small space decor experts for college students and post grads, to create a bath collection perfect for college students. Featuring plush towels in three colorways and stylish hair towel wraps, this collaboration is designed with dorm life in mind. Discover how these must-have items can bring a touch of luxury and home-like comfort to your dorm.

We sat down with Amanda Zuckerman, the co-founder of Dormify, to chat all things college life. Read on for our full conversation.

Photo via Alex Frank

Q&A with Dormify Co-Founder Amanda Zuckerman

Kassatex: Why was Dormify started?
Dormify: While shopping for her freshman dorm room, Amanda Zuckerman and her mom, Karen, were surprised to find that stylish Twin XL bedding and small-space decor was practically nonexistent, let alone all in one place. So they created Dormify. Over the last 10 years, Dormify has helped hundreds of thousands of students, parents and recent grads transform their spaces. Along the way, we’ve built a thriving online and real-world community of fans, friends and brand ambassadors.

Kassatex: What are your top three must-have items for transforming a plain dorm bathroom into a cozy retreat?
Dormify: Number one is our towel collaboration with Kassatex! Our monogrammed towel set is essential for transforming your dorm bathroom into a cute, colorful space. Towels will likely be taking up the most room in your bathroom, so having a pop of color or personalized decor in your space elevates the look and feel of a plain dorm bathroom!

Number two is a vanity mirror! Dorm bathroom light can be very blah, so having an aesthetic vanity mirror in your bathroom that not only adds an element of elegance to your space but also adds much-needed bright lighting is a must!

Number three is a fun bath mat! A cute bath mat on your floor is the perfect final touch for your dorm bathroom! It adds a trendy flair to your bathroom while also being functional and keeping your floor from becoming slippery when wet!

Photos via Alex Frank

Kassatex: How can students incorporate their personal style into their dorm bathroom decor without breaking the bank?

Dormify: We find it helpful to collaborate with your roomie if you have a shared bathroom space and split the cost! There are so many bathroom essentials that can be shared, like a vanity mirror, shower curtain, and bath mat.

Kassatex: What are your favorite multifunctional items that every dorm bathroom should have?

Dormify: Our 7-Pocket Shower Tote to hold all your essentials! The shower tote helps you easily haul all of your bath products to and from the shower in style. Also, a makeup organizer is a MUST. Whether you’re storing everything in drawers or want to keep your makeup on display on the counter, a make-up organizer keeps everything nice and neat.

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Kassatex: What are the best ways to add color and personality to a dorm bathroom with limited space?
Dormify: Wall art in your dorm bathroom is a great way to include your own personal style! Bathroom walls are a space people sometimes forget to decorate, and we offer prints in all styles and sizes to help spruce up your dorm bathroom!

Kassatex: How can students make their dorm bathrooms feel like a home away from home with just a few simple touches?
Dormify: Dormify’s advice to make any space feel like home is to bring in 1-2 elements of decor or style that will make you smile every time you see them. Something as simple as a cheeky bath mat or a towel you love can instantly make your space feel more homey.

Kassatex: Most popular aesthetic on Dormify?
Dormify: This summer our beachy and coquette aesthetics have been the most popular! We are seeing a huge color trend in light blues and hot pinks.

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Kassatex: Favorite college memory?
Dormify: I met my (now) husband during orientation, we quickly became best friends during freshman year but did not start dating until years after we graduated. We used to have standing Monday night dinners that we called “Mondays with Mandz” and never allowed other friends to join us.

Kassatex: On Freshmen Year: Three words to say to your 18 year old self:
Dormify: Trust the process.

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Kassatex: Why did you want to partner with Kassatex on a bath collection?
Dormify: Kassatex is a dream partner for Dormify to collab with! Kassatex products are a unique blend of high quality, classic styles mixed with trend setting and effortlessly cool designs. Our Dormify audience expects us to create innovative, cool, and high quality products, so when we started thinking about creating our own towel collection, it was obvious we had to work with Kassatex.

Kassatex: The collection is designed with dorm life in mind. It is a classic 100% cotton towel, punched up with three trending colorways as a bold trim accent allowing roommates to recognize their towel by color. What’s another great way to add style and match with a roommate in the bathroom?
Dormify: Whether you’re going for clean minimalism or bold color ways, coordinating your shower curtain and bathmat is a must for adding your own unique style to your bathroom. Getting matching cosmetic organizers with your roomie is another great way to add your aesthetic to your bathroom and style your countertops!

Photo via Alex Frank

Explore the Dormify X Kassatex Collection here.