Designer Dossier: Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Photo courtesy of Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Aesthetic: Warm, Calm, Modern

Three Can’t Live Without Products

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Linen Bamboo Sheet Set

“Nothing is more comforting and luxurious than a set of broken-in linen bed sheets. They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and only get better over time.”

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

The Weston Throw

“We’ve never met a taupe hue we didn’t love, so this throw immediately caught our eye. Alpaca has always been a favorite because it doesn’t pill and is baby soft.”

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Shagreen Bath Accessories

“A shagreen accessory is a great way to add dimension and texture to a bathroom. It feels luxurious without ever being too loud.”

Photo courtesy of Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Kassatex: How did you start designing?
Josh: I grew up in a family that had a deep love of art and every weekend would be filled with trips to the city to see the latest exhibitions. In high school, the two courses I was passionate about were math and art, so architecture was the perfect hybrid of those two disciplines.
Jack: I studied Textile Design and then segwayed into fashion and home goods, so when I entered the Interior Design world about 7 years ago, it really felt like a homecoming.

Kassatex: Three designers who inspire you?
JM: We don’t follow a lot of other designers, but have been incredibly inspired by the friendships we have made with fellow designers like Katrina Hernandez, Deborah Pianin Interiors and Studio Seva. This industry can be unnecessarily competitive and nothing is more inspiring than designers helping designers.

Kassatex: First design project:
JM: The first project we worked on together was the custom beach house we built in Westhampton Beach.

Photo courtesy of Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Kassatex: Favorite room to design:
JM: We love designing bathrooms. They’re each like a little jewel box. Most of our projects are in the city, so utilizing every inch and creating spatial solutions for our client is paramount. So much work goes into such a small space.

Kassatex: Currently Listening to:
Josh: A lot of David Bowie , Velvet Underground and Fleetwood Mac Radio on Spotify.
Jack: Either Van Morrison or Paul Simon Radio on Spotify

Kassatex: Three classic paint colors you always use:
JM: We rarely use the same paint twice and we tend to use a lot of limewash. Our favorite Portola limewash colors at the moment are Salem, Carlin & Gypsy. A hot tip is that Portola can turn any of their regular paints into a limewash.

Portola Salem

Portola Carlin

Portola Gypsy

Kassatex: A bathroom must always include:
JM: Natural stone and lighting that is both beautiful and highly functional.

Kassatex: What is currently on your bedside table:
Josh: My Ferm Living water carafe.
Jack: A resin jewelry catch all from Dinosaur Designs.

Kassatex: First thing you do in the morning:
JM: Wake up our daughter, make lattes and have breakfast together.

Kassatex: Forever hotel:
JM: Monteverdi in Tuscany. Every year it just gets better.

Photo courtesy of Monteverdi Tuscany

Kassatex: Three decor trends you wish would disappear:
Josh: Our strong opinion is less about trends and more about selecting something you truly love that doesn’t necessarily follow a trend. We always tell our client, if you absolutely love this, it doesn’t matter what the trends are. Things like natural stone, chic lighting and high quality millwork will never go out of style, so let that be your guide.

Kassatex: Favorite cost-effective brands you love to use when mixing high/low:
Josh: We’ve found some very stylish pieces at CB2 and we love using Loloi for inexpensive but high quality rugs. Also, Chasing Paper for kid’s removable wallpaper is a must.

Photos courtesy of Josh Manes Architecture + Interiors

Kassatex: Most exciting moment of your career thus far:
Josh: We received an Archi Award from the AIA Long Island Chapter for the home we built in Westhampton Beach. We were first time winners for the very first project we ever completed together. It was an incredible honor.

Kassatex: Finish this sentence: When in doubt in design….
Josh: Keep it high quality and classic. You’ll never get sick of a classic Italian stone, a well made sofa in a natural fabric or real wood furniture. They will only patina over time and grow alongside you in the most beautiful way.