Designer Dossier: Luma Interiors

Photo courtesy of Luma Interiors

Luma Interiors

Location: Hoboken, NJ

Aesthetic: Timeless, Authentic, Modern

Three Can’t Live Without Products

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Linen- Bamboo Duvet

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Lorimer Washed Percale Sheet Set

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Cannes Beach Towels

I absolutely love the Linen- Bamboo Duvet paired with the Lorimer Washed Percale Sheets, they are so luxurious and the perfect bedding for any bedroom! The Cannes Beach Towels are amazing, they are so soft and I love the fun colored stripes they come in!

Photo courtesy of Luma Interiors

Kassatex: How did you start designing?
Luma Interiors: I always had a passion for interior design but I worked in fashion for many years where I developed a curated and elevated eye. I built my private residences with my husband who is a developer and builder. Some of my friends loved my design aesthetic and asked me to design their homes. Simultaneously, I also began working on my husband’s development projects and the rest as they say is history.

Kassatex: Three designers who inspire you?
Luma Interiors: Gio Ponti, Le Corbusier, Jean Michele Frank.

Kassatex: First design project?
Luma Interiors: Not our first but the first full renovation project was our Neo-Grec Revival Project.

Photos courtesy of Luma Interiors

Kassatex: Favorite room to design?
Luma Interiors: Living Rooms and Kitchens, where the family gathers together.

Kassatex: Currently Listening to?
Luma Interiors: The Expert Podcast.

Kassatex: Three classic paint colors you always use?
Luma Interiors: Portola Roman Clay Saint Sauvant, Portola Roman Clay Gem, Farrow and Ball Downpipe.

Portola Roman Clay Saint Sauvant

Portola Roman Clay Gem

Farrow and Ball Downpipe

Kassatex: A bathroom must always include:
Luma Interiors: Soft, luxe towels and some lovely hand soap.

Kassatex: What is currently on your bedside table?
Luma Interiors: A small marble dish for my jewelry, a vintage lamp from 1st dibs, and Collin King’s new interior design book Arranging Things, that I have been meaning to read.

Photo courtesy of Luma Interiors

Kassatex: First thing you do in the morning:
Luma Interiors: Make breakfast for my kids and bee line to the coffee machine.

Kassatex: Forever favorite hotel:
Luma Interiors: Villa Treville In Positano and Covent Garden in London.

Photos courtesy of Villa Treville

Photos courtesy of Firmdale Hotels

Kassatex: Decor trends you wish would disappear:
Luma Interiors: Accent walls either painted or wallpapered…

Kassatex: Favorite cost-effective brands you love to use when mixing high/low?
Luma Interiors: Cb2 and Anthropologie’s designer collaborations offer some cute items especially for kids rooms, etc.

Photo courtesy of Luma Interiors

Kassatex: Most exciting moment of your career thus far:
Luma Interiors: I feel super lucky to be able to work on the projects we are currently working on. I am really excited about all of them as they are all really different from one another.

Kassatex: Finish this sentence: When in doubt in design …
Luma Interiors: Layer in texture.