At Home Edit: Spring Staging Guide with @notenoughangers Robert Khederian

As temperatures rise and flowers bloom, the real estate market is also heating up. Spring is often considered one of the best times to sell a home, and with the right staging, you can make your property stand out in a crowded market.

We sat down with seasoned real estate agent Robert Khederian, known for his insightful advice on @notenoughangers, where he shares tips and tricks for home staging and decor. With his keen eye for design and years of experience in the industry, Robert offers invaluable insights to help you create a fresh and inviting atmosphere that appeals to potential buyers.

From emphasizing natural light to incorporating seasonal decor, read on as we explore Robert’s expert tips for showcasing your home in the best possible light this spring.

Photos via Kirsten Francis

Kassatex: What are the key elements of staging a home in spring to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere?
Robert Khederian: You want to emphasize light, air, and space whenever possible. Remove unnecessary furniture, clear off coffee tables, side tables, and dressers, and make sure there are open paths to the windows so people can easily go up and see the view.

Kassatex: How can seasonal colors and decor enhance a home’s appeal during the spring selling season?
RK: You don’t want to make a big commitment to something that is tied to a specific time, and it’s best to be seasonal in ways that are easily exchanged, just in case your home doesn’t sell right away. I would get your favorite springtime flowers and bring the outside in. Just remember to change them every week or so! Nobody wants to see (or smell) dead cut flowers.

Photos via Kirsten Francis

Kassatex: Any tips for decluttering and organizing spaces to make them visually appealing to potential buyers in spring? Can you share ideas for incorporating natural light and bringing the outdoors inside during spring?
RK: One of the most affordable and effective ways to transform a room is by removing the window treatments. In fact, remove anything that is blocking a window, whether it’s a piece of furniture or a house plant. You never want to limit natural light coming into a room! Strategically clear off kitchen countertops– it’s fine to leave a few items like a toaster or coffee maker to show what can fit alongside prep space, but we don’t want rows of kitchen supplies hiding the majority of usable space.

Kassatex: What budget-friendly ways can update a home’s interior for the spring market?
RK: A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. If a room is painted in a very specific color that might impact how a buyer perceives the space—whether it’s a particular hue or a vibrant or dark shade—it might be worth considering a more neutral shade and tone. Dark colors will absorb natural light and could make your home appear darker than it actually is, even if it objectively gets great light. If your home has outdated or discolored tile or vinyl flooring, I might also consider getting an inexpensive area rug to break up the look a bit. Also, changing out cabinet hardware is a great way to easily (and affordably) update the look of a kitchen or bathroom. I personally love unlacquered brass knobs and pulls because they patina a bit with use.

Kassatex: How do you balance depersonalizing a space with adding a touch of personality for spring buyers?
RK: You don’t need me to tell you the almost cliched recommendation for sellers to remove personal photographs prior to listing a home so that potential buyers can “imagine themselves” living there. While yes, I do think that’s a helpful approach, what I often find even more impactful is changing out bedding, shower curtains, and towels to a classic white or neutral color. Fresh linens and towels can make your bedroom and bathroom feel luxurious, fresh, and almost spa-like. That vibe, in my opinion, goes a long way.

Kassatex: What role do scents play in creating a positive experience for potential buyers during spring showings?
RK: Scents are so subjective that I like to play it safe and have as scent-free an experience as possible. The only thing I would really be aware of is if the house hasn’t been lived in for a while, standing water in pipes can emit an unpleasant smell in the kitchen and bathroom. Just run the taps, baths, and flush toilets a few times, and the smell should dissipate.

Photos via Kirsten Francis

Kassatex: How do you address staging challenges in smaller spaces during the spring real estate season?
RK: If it’s a small space, take almost everything out of there except the essentials. While a room often feels smaller when it’s unfurnished, if there’s too much in a space, it can feel just as unlivable. Pare down and then take one more thing out of there.

Kassatex: Any current trends or unique features to incorporate into spring home staging for a competitive edge?
RK: I’m often not one for trends– I like to keep things classic!

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