Fall Whites – It’s a Thing

When Brianne Manz, the ethereal brainchild/mom behind the blog, Stroller in the City, first started writing, her idea was to open her children’s eyes to all of the experiences New York City has to offer. When many were jumping ship to the burbs, Brianne was promoting city living with articles that make this life easy and accessible at every age. With vast knowledge in family travel, kid’s fashion, and discussing real topics such as children’s learning behaviors without stigmas attached, Brianne is as energetic and beautiful as her all encompassing blog.

After a jam-packed trip to Italy at the end of the summer, Brianne wanted to refresh her home with our crisp Lorimer Bedding and Atelier Towels to get a jump start on back to school and the grind. Much like the famous fashion editor, Candy Pratts Price once said, “September is the January of fashion,” fall is the best time to refresh your linens, look, and start anew. With our brand new children’s spa robes to match Mom and Dad, we sat down with the family of 5 to discuss growing up in the greatest city in the world, and why her children inspire her everyday.

  • Kassatex: Three words to describe Back to School:
  • Brianne: Hectic, Fun, Fall
  • K: Do you switch your bedding out for each season?
  • B: Yes. I love decorating for the seasons and my bedroom is always included.
  • K: Currently on your bedside?
  • B: Jewelry, a book, and water.
  • K: Your bed is Family HQ or your Sleep Sanctuary?
  • B: Sleep Sanctuary. My kids are older now so we definitely don’t have any more co-sleepers. Unless we do a movie night on a Friday!
  • K: Reading in bed: Kindle or Hardcover?
  • B: Hardcover. I love the feeling of actually holding a book and flipping through the pages.
  • K: Bedside Book Club: Top three books you plan to read this fall.
  • B: Talking To Strangers, by Malcolm Gladwell, If Only I Could Tell You, by Hannah Beckerman, and The Sweetest Fruits, by Monique Truong.

  • K: Bedtime Beauty Regimen?
  • B: I always wash my face, apply my night cream, and drink a glass of water. Hydration is just as important as whatever I’m applying on my skin.
  • K: Your Design Game – subtle, textural, and monochromatic or bring on the prints, chintz, and flair?
  • B: I would say subtle prints, but I do love an all white/neutral look. My fashion favorites are feminine and very floral, but my home is more modern. I sway between a pretty print and classic.
  • K: Morning routine with kids: calm, cool, and collected or mass hysteria to get out the door?
  • B: Mass hysteria. Haha! With 3 kids and 2 different schools our morning can be crazy. Though we have routine we don’t always totally stick to it.
  • K: Go To breakfast:
  • B: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

  • K: Kids Chores – Best Chores for kids of each age?
  • B: My kids definitely help me take out the trash, pick up packages from downstairs, they always make their beds, etc…It ranges depending on the day but they know we are a team.
  • K: Describe raising a family in the city in three words:
  • B: Exciting, Busy, Interesting.
  • K: Best part about the fall:
  • B: All of it! It’s my favorite season in my favorite city. I love fall fashion, the cozy weather, and the foliage.
  • K: Favorite Family Restaurant:
  • B: Il Cortile is a family favorite in Little Italy!
  • K: Last thing you do before you go to bed:
  • B: Charge my phone, turn on my dishwasher, wash my face, brush my teeth, and drink a full glass of water!

Written and Produced By: Kelly Florio Kasouf