How to Create the Ultimate At Home Spa Experience

Photo by: Kirsten Francis

During this incredibly scary pandemic, it is important to reflect and to take care of yourself, especially when home starts feeling very cramped. Needing some respite and a hot second to yourself? It’s time to build your own spa because it’s important to stay calm, level-headed and remember this is all temporary.

Invest in a white noise machine

You need to cancel out the background noise of everyday life. Even if it is for just fifteen minutes. Time to close the door, take a deep breath, and zen out to some whale noises or rainforest vibes.

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Add the fluffiest bath mat to enjoy

Make sure you place a bath rug down so your bath, from head to toes, gets to experience a plush, inviting, and warm treat.

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Head Games

Don our sumptuous velour Veronica Beard Headband to keep hair away from water and off your face.

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Silky Skin and Calm Muscles

Keep essential oils on hand such as lavender or balsam salts and add to your bath. Before dipping in, we love rubbing down with Herbivore’s Coco Rose Body Polish as a dry scrub before a toasty bath.

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Photo by: Kirsten Francis

Peel Out

Put on a sheet mask and practice deep breathing while jamming out to our Happy Home Vibes playlist.

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Tune Out

Try to keep it analog and keep the device out of the bath. Dry off with our supremely soft Mateo towels for the ultimate in absorbency and plushness.

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Finishing Touch

Gently rub Le Labo Jasmine Body Oil after patting yourself dry.

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Get that #robelife on and lay in bed for a few minutes to regroup and take on the rest of the day.Take our Robe Quiz to find out which is the best robe for you.

Photo by: Kirsten Francis
Written and Produced By: Kelly Florio Kasouf