Holiday Decorating with Marcella Guarino

Video by: Julie Florio

Quickfire Questions

  • K: Favorite color to decorate with:
  • MG: Golds and antique silvers. I love adding a touch of one other color in there to be like an accent color and this year I chose a baby pink.
  • K: Velvet or satin:
  • MG: Velvet
  • K: Heels or slippers:
  • MG: Heels
  • K: Best holiday windows
  • MG: Saks Fifth Avenue
  • K: Holidays Cards: Always a yes or not a priority?
  • MG: Always yes

Photo by: Julie Florio

Photo by: Julie Florio
  • K: Holiday Music: How early is too early
  • MG: It is never to early to play holiday music, we start in July.
  • K: Real or fake tree:
  • MG: Fake
  • K: Best last minute gift?
  • MG: A cashmere sweater for someone, no one can have too many of those.
  • K: Favorite part of the holiday season?
  • MG: Being in NYC and going around and looking at all the decor . NYC really gets into the spirit and I love being a part of that with my home.
  • K: New Years Eve: For amateurs or best night to party?
  • MG: Best night to party

Photo by: Julie Florio
Written and Produced By: Kelly Florio Kasouf