Designer Dossier: Mark Cunningham

Photo courtesy of Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham

Location: New York City

Aesthetic: Comfortable, Considered, Refined

Photo courtesy of Mark Cunningham

Three Can’t Live Without Products

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Ibiza Pool Towels

“They’re bleachable and incredibly soft!”

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Lounge Chair Cover

“Perfect for Hampton pool chaises!”

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

Mateo Ribbed Towels

“Love them in solid white!”

  • Kassatex: How did you start designing?
  • Mark Cunningham: I was one of those kids who always rearranged the furniture in my mother’s house. Early in my career, I was a visual merchandiser, and my first interiors projects were for clients I met through merchandising.
  • K: 3 designers who inspire you:
  • MC: John Dickinson, Jean-Michel Frank, Ward Bennett.
  • K: Favorite moment during the design process:
  • MC:Putting everything in place and styling at the end.

Photo courtesy of Mark Cunningham
  • K: Favorite room to design?
  • MC: Living Rooms. You can experiment the most with the space, layers and scale.
  • K: Most memorable project?
  • MC: Martha’s Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Mark Cunningham
  • K: Do you ever pull inspiration from fashion, or everyday life?
  • MC: Of course. I love Dries Van Noten, and I love Irving Penn. I’m also very inspired by the culture and landscape of the West, especially Arizona.
  • K: How important is it to fully design a room, accent pieces to major elements, or do you allow room to grow with evolving tastes and items?
  • MC: I think a room comes together in the layering of it – from finishes to furniture to lighting and accessories, but it’s most important that the items have integrity and speak to the energy and tastes of the client.
  • K: Three decor trends you wish would fade away:
  • MC: Lacquered Brass, karate chopping pillows, mismatched mixing.

Photo courtesy of Mark Cunningham
  • K: Repro or Authentic? When is it ok to use a reproduction of a popular item?
  • MC: It really comes down to budget. I always prefer to use the real thing, but if we can’t find one in good condition or if the price is prohibitive, then a reproduction is very welcome. Reproductions are also the perfect option in a kid’s bedroom or other secondary spaces that will get a lot of use where you don’t want to worry about damaging a valuable authentic piece.
  • K: Three websites for design inspiration:
  • MC: I’m old fashioned, I’m still obsessed with magazines. But I do love the blogs from Mark Sikes and Form. And of course I find a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • K: Three favorite colors for walls:
  • MC:
    1. Benjamin Moore – AF-15 Steam
    2. Farrow & Ball – Cornforth White no.228
    3. Benjamin Moore – HC-168 Chelsea Grey

Benjamin Moore – AF-15 Steam

Farrow & Ball – Cornforth White no.228

Benjamin Moore – HC-168 Chelsea Grey
Written and Produced By: Kelly Florio Kasouf