Introducing Our New Design Studio

Video by: Julie Florio

Virtually experience our NYC Design Studio, created in collaboration with AD100 interior designer, Ryan Korban.

Ryan has worked with us for many years, and truly understands our vision and aesthetic, making him the perfect choice for this project. The design focuses on letting the product shine and speak for itself.

Photo by: Julie Florio

Our airy-hued Design Studio is home to every product we have dreamed up, and sublimely accentuates the textural and finely crafted collections.

“We wanted a space that felt organized and I think above all else a space where each product really felt equally as important as the next.” – Ryan Korban

The new space, located at 330 Fifth Avenue, is split into two sections, and serves as our corporate headquarters and showroom.

Photo by: Julie Florio
Back To Basics

Experience our vast home collection and schedule your private and customized one-on-one design consultation in our new Design Studio. Our in-house stylists will seamlessly help bring your vision to life.

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Photo by: Julie Florio