Spotlight with Creative Director of Après AKA, Niki Korman

The Importance of Brand Experience Through E-Commerce & Partnering with Kassatex

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As leaders in long stay living, AKA Hotels has redefined the hotel experience into something truly livable. Now, you can experience the hotel at home with Après AKA: a curated shop of AKA essentials, from the comfort of your home.
We sat down with Niki Korman, the Creative Director of Après AKA to discuss the importance of brand experience through e-commerce and branding with Kassatex. Read on for our full conversation with Niki.

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Kassatex: Can you discuss the role of e-commerce in the hospitality industry, particularly for businesses like AKA Properties? How has it influenced your business model?

Niki Korman: AKA has been able connect with a global audience thanks to e-commerce. As a design driven company, AKA attracts guests who care about design and pay attention to the details. AKA guests are enamored with the elements our designers have integrated into our properties, which enhance their stay both in tangible and nuanced ways. We want our guests to be able to bring the aka experience into their home.

Kassatex: In what ways do you believe e-commerce has enhanced the brand experience for guests who may not be staying at your properties for the long term?

NK: Creating a stand alone Après AKA website established an alternate environment for AKA fans to immerse themselves in the AKA lifestyle and experience the brand in a different way. Bringing elements of the AKA lifestyle into one’s home is the ultimate form of brand appreciation.

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Kassatex: What type of products do you see customers coveting and relying on during their stay at an AKA property?

NK: Elements that make them more comfortable and provide a good night sleep: bedding, pillows, robes, etc.

Kassatex: AKA properties cater to both short-term and long-term stays. How does your e- commerce strategy differ for these two types of guests, if at all?

NK: For people who stay longer, they get to experience the bed and towels and sheets in a three-dimensional way. They get conditioned and used to these elements and rely on them for comfort.

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Kassatex: As leaders in luxury accommodations, what emerging trends do you foresee shaping the AKA stay experience in the near future? How do you plan to incorporate these trends into your offerings?

NK: The concept of bleisure travel (business + leisure) is gaining traction.

Kassatex: How does AKA plan to accommodate this trend?

NK: Recognizing the trend emerge a few years ago enabled us to think about our guests in a much more holistic, lifestyle-oriented manner. We consider the whole person and those services and amenities that will cater to and comfort the whole person- regardless of the nature of their stay. The line between a guest’s needs for a business stay or a leisure stay have blurred and we view the bigger picture of catering to our guest in a more three dimensional manner.

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Kassatex: Design trends evolve over time. How does AKA properties stay ahead of the curve in terms of design innovation, ensuring that your properties continue to captivate guests and maintain relevance in an ever-changing market?

NK: With design in our DNA, we align ourselves with the most creative, authentic, and thoughtful designers on the planet. As innovators, we respect designers who have a point of view and who are truly tuned into what feels good to people, beyond what just looks aesthetically pleasing. Again, we think holistically, and with our designers take into account the entire guest experience, throughout all areas of each property.

Kassatex: Why do you partner with Kassatex in outfitting your properties?

NK: We partner with Kassatex for their attention to detail and quality, their respect for the importance of brand integrity, and their outstanding spirit of partnership. Both AKA and Kassatex are family owned and operated companies, creating a shared brand value synergy and mutual understanding of what makes a company great. We always seek partnerships that not only ensure a high-level guest offering but also accurately represent who we are.

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