Linen Closet Love with Imagine It Done

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It’s never the wrong time to organize your linen closet. Sheets and towels pile up so high that you forget what you have in there. That’s why we sat down with organization guru and Imagine it Done founder, Lisa Jacobs, to give us a crash course in organizing our linen closets.

Lisa founded Imagine it Done to teach people how to organize their homes to improve their lives. Based in NYC, Lisa also has a huge following on Instagram that tunes in to see her perfectly transformed spaces. Whether you need to completely revamp your home, or just a few tips and tricks, read on to see what improvements you can make.

  • Kassatex: Top 3 tips for organizing your linen closet?
  • Lisa Jacobs: 1. The following contents belong in your linen closet – all bedding: pillows, duvet, comforter, blankets and throws. As well as, towels, toiletries, travel items, bathroom inventory, hair tools that don’t fit in the bathroom, toilet paper and Kleenex. 2. Place bulky items on the floor. 3.Make sure shelving is adjustable and use decorative and functional bins to contain items to maximize your space.
  • Kassatex: 3 organizing products you can’t live without?
  • LJ: Uniform hangers, drawer dividers, and bins, trays & containers.
  • Kassatex: Best way to fold a fitted sheet?
  • LJ: For a tutorial, head to our Instagram!
    1. Open fitted sheet inside out, with elastic hem facing you. Hold left and right top corners with fingers firm and spread. Sides of sheet will drape down onto floor.
    2. Fold fitted sheet vertically in half. Bringing hands together, brace right arm under fold to form a pocket with corners. Allow balance of left side to drape down.
    3. Slide down left side to find other elastic corners.
    4. Bring both arms upward, holding seamed corners.
    5. Hold each side with arms spread open, fold again vertically, tucking the gathered seams into one formed pocket.
    6. Have right arm and hand extended to hold draped sheet.
    7. Using both hands grab top left and right side. Keep the drape on left side while placing onto a flat surface.
    8. Keep folded left side facing you and smooth sheet.
    9. Bring right side over and fold flat.
    10. Fold into thirds working from bottom to top to make a small rectangle. Keep smoothing to flatten the bundle.

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  • Kassatex: Clean stacks: do you fold towels in thirds or in halves?
  • LJ: Depends on the size of the towels, but my personal preference is to fold towels in thirds.
  • Kassatex: Size or color: what’s the best way to categorize?
  • LJ: Size, then color.
  • Kassatex: Seasonal bedding: Best way to store warmer linens in the summer?
  • LJ: In a linen bag or zippered case on a high shelf in the linen closet.

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  • Kassatex: Currently on your bedside table?
  • LJ: An alarm clock, lamp, and a framed picture. Less is more!
  • Kassatex: Last thing you do before bed?
  • LJ: Stretch then scroll through Instagram.
  • Kassatex: Decorative towels: To look at or to use?
  • LJ: To look at.
  • Kassatex: Bed style. Pile on the pillows or keep it clean and minimal?
  • LJ: Clean and minimal. Too many pillows are dust collectors.
  • Kassatex: Number 1 question you get from clients?
  • LJ: How did you start you Imagine it Done?

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  • Kassatex: Biggest mistake people make when organizing their homes?
  • LJ: They don’t personalize the process. Instead, they follow other people for inspiration.
  • Kassatex: Sheets, Crisp and Layered or Light and Airy?
  • LJ: Light and airy.
  • Kassatex: Describe your design aesthetic in three words:
  • LJ: Colorful, eclectic, functional.