Our Family History

In the heart of Colombia, the Khoudari brothers launched a flourishing textile company in 1960. With each mill they assembled, their vast knowledge in textiles grew immensely.

Ernesto Khoudari (left) and Miro Khoudari
Photo courtesy of Kassatex

As the family business continued, so did a passion for textiles in the next generation. After working closely with Italian machine manufacturers in Florence, Italy, and managing the family’s South American mills, Ernesto Khoudari moved to New York and founded Kassatex. Shortly after, his cousin Miro joined him as a partner. Their enthusiasm for textiles shaped their vision for Kassatex: to design bed and bath collections that offer excellence in luxury and superior comfort for the home.

Ernesto and Miro have successfully infused their backgrounds and vast knowledge in textile manufacturing, and continuously strive to design classic and popular home collections that meet new market, consumer, and production trends. Kassatex is a market pioneer that blends consumer needs with the latest textile technology. Understanding the importance of clean living, Kassatex was at the forefront of designing bedding made from Eucalyptus in a remarkably sustainable way.

Photos courtesy of Kassatex

With mills all over the world, providing an array of both traditional and modern production techniques, Kassatex uses the finest materials, yarns, and intricate design details to elevate each collection, and to constantly build better products for the business to business, business to consumer, and hospitality industries.

Balancing each other’s vision and style aesthetic, Ernesto and Miro find inspiration from the shores of Greece to the pools of Bel Air, and create quintessential home collections for every taste. Closely watching trending topics, finding needs in the luxury industry, and motivated by every day life, Kassatex finds morsels of creativity for their next collections throughout their worlds. The fringe of a couture cocktail dress seen at a fashion show could be the muse for creating a product like our throws with eyelash fringe accents.

Photos courtesy of Kassatex

Ernesto and Miro are not just partners, but true designers and team players with a goal of providing unparalleled comfort and style in each collection. It is not uncommon to see both men working on every element of production, with every employee, and keeping the passion alive for all members of the company. The Khoudari family’s love for textiles transcends a common last name. Kassatex is a family business where all employees are honorary family members. Many who work at Kassatex have been employed for years and feel the same pride of creating extraordinary products as their founders.

Photo courtesy of Kassatex

The company’s flagship is headquartered in the iconic Textile Building at 295 Fifth Avenue, surrounded by the latest trends, set against a backdrop of timeless New York style. The company has grown expeditiously since 1999 with top retail doors carrying the brand worldwide.

Written and Produced By: Kelly Florio Kasouf